Forgiveness & Inner Healing Restores Hearing

Last year Blaine had prayed for a woman to have a baby which she had. She was coming for prayer because she had hearing loss in her left ear. When she spoke she could hear what she said as an echo. She gone to the doctor and there was nothing medically wrong.

I prayed three times. The hearing got better each until it was 50% better. When I prayed the fourth time, her hearing went bad again so there was no improvement. I had commanded the ear to open up, for all hearing to be restored and for the inflammation to reduce. When the hearing went bad again, I asked her what was going in her life, because the hearing problem developed during her pregnancy. Was there any trauma or stress? She said yes that they had moved in with her in-laws. I asked if there was anyone she needed to forgive. She started crying and replied that it was her mother-in-law. I asked what happened. She said her mother-in-law said she was fat and that it had been very hurtful. I asked Jesus to come into that memory. She started sobbing. I asked what was happening. She said Jesus just told her that she was beautiful. I asked how Jesus saw her mother-in-law. She was sobbing heavily by now and said that He loves her. He showed her that she does love her. Then I asked if she could forgive her mother-in-law. She did so out loud. I then asked her what Jesus wanted to give her. By now she was on the floor sobbing uncontrollably. She said He wanted to heal her. Immediately her ear opened up. She sobbed for a while, so very happy and relieved. Thank you, Jesus. – Chandra

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