Forgiveness Leads to Healing in Back

A woman named June came up with her husband for prayer to walk out a supernatural lifestyle. She was impacted by the message from Apostle Tom. We started praying for Holy Spirit to release His fire and love and she said she was sensing the presence of God. 

I received a word of knowledge about lower back pain, so I asked her if she had lower back pain and she said yes. We started praying for Holy Spirit to come and heal the back pain and I received another word of knowledge that the back pain was related to a worry that she was carrying for several years either about herself or a loved one. I asked her if she had an issue that has been weighing heavy on her heart for the last two or three years and she said it was her daughter’s in-laws. I shared about the importance of forgiveness and we walked through a prayer of forgiveness. I then commanded the pain in the back to go and for the vertebrae to come back into alignment and for the muscles to relax. She began to sway and cry and felt a cold wind in her lower back. She said the pain only happened when she stood and she did not feel it while standing for prayer. She was completely healed. I encouraged her to continue walking in her authority and if the pain began to come back to take authority over it. – Carmeal
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