Forgiveness Mends Family

A man came forward with what he described as a deep ache in his heart. Through the interview I learned that the pain was that of a father in deep agony because his daughter had become pregnant out of wedlock by a young man of whom he did not approve.

First we acknowledged the deep feelings of agony he was feeling, and the great disappointment in his daughter and anger toward her boyfriend. We talked first about him and about times that he had strongly disappointed his father, and the secrets only he knew when he had sinned against God. I told him, “You now have a sense of the disappointment God felt when you sinned. Yet, he has forgiven you.” I asked him if he loved his daughter and “Do you love her enough to forgive her as God has forgiven you?” In his tears he forgave her.

Then we addressed his anger towards the young man and the need to forgive him, as well. We talked about loving the young man, beginning with respect. We focused on loving the child who was soon to come and God’s purpose for the child that he was to help nurture. Next we addressed his wife, and his responsibility to help her through her emotions in the same way as God has just loved him and enabled reconciliation with his daughter. Finally, we addressed the other siblings of the family and the need to unite together in love without judgement. The man’s embrace when he departed affirmed how God had touched him to bring healing to their family.  – David, Civil engineer

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