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Forgiveness Opens Door For Impartation

A sweet girl came up and asked for impartation. I started praying but there was something blocking her from receiving. I asked if she needed to forgive anyone. She said that she needed to forgive her dad but didn’t want to.

I asked her if she would ask Jesus to help her. She did and I had this feeling he had abused her. She asked for help and said she was ready. I was blown away. She started to pray to forgive her dad and fell to the ground weeping and wailing. I did some deliverance and she felt things going. Hallelujah! I asked her if she needed to be forgiven. She wanted to give her life to Christ. I lead her to Christ and she felt Him coming into her heart. Then we prayed again for impartation. She was wrecked, then peaceful and finally flooded with love. Jesus is so great.

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