Four Women Healed of Breast Cancer

I had a word of knowledge for breast pain. Four women came up for prayer. The first one, Sylviana, had breast surgery and cancer treatments. She had also had a recent car accident causing pain in her shoulder, hip and back. She said since the car accident the breast pain had come back.

I asked the Holy Spirit to come upon her. I bound the spirit of pain in her body (shoulder, hip, back and breast). She told my interpreter she had heat tingling in her breast and she started crying. I said that God was healing her. She was shaking uncontrollably now and I began singing in the Spirit and God said, “Who hurt her?” She said her son was mean and hurtful to her. I asked her what God was doing. She said all pain was gone!

Next, Mara, had been diagnosed with breast cancer 16 months ago. She had a lot of pain and had more than one tumor and a spot on her left breast. She asked Holy Spirit for complete healing from the pain and the tumor. I commanded cancer to be gone in Jesus name. She started crying softly as I continued speaking in tongues over her. I received a word of wisdom. The word was bitterness. I asked her about it. She said it was about her mother who was always a problem for her. I asked her if she was willing to forgive her mother. She said she was and then did. She started shaking and feeling heat, but even more she said there was tingling only in her left breast. I told her Holy Spirit was healing her. I started singing in tongues. She fell out onto the floor and laid there for a while. When I came back to her, she said the pain was going and tumor was gone. She was very happy and we thanked God. I told her to be sure to have her doctor confirm what Holy Spirit had done tonight.

Isabela had been diagnosed with cancer in January 2016. She had pain in her breast and could feel the tumor. It scared her because she felt it was getting bigger. She started crying. I laid hands on her and said, “Come Holy Spirit”. She started shaking. I commanded cancer to go now and for the blood of Jesus to wash over her with healing. She was crying, feeling heat. I commanded the tumor to die and be gone. I cursed the root in Jesus name and I started speaking in tongues and then went into singing in tongues. She felt peace come over her. She said the pain just left. Her eyes got big and she started to cry, saying she could no longer even feel the tumor. I said that was because God healed it completely. I sealed it by commanding the cancer/tumor to never return ever again and commanded it to be gone in Jesus’ name. I told her we knew that Holy Spirit healed her but to go to her doctor and get confirmation.

Finally, a woman from Sao Paulo drove up to the church from another town. She was hungry and desperate for Holy Spirit and a healing from God for breast cancer. I called upon Holy Spirit to come upon her and overshadow her with healing in His wings. I prayed in tongues and commanded cancer to die and to go in Jesus name. I spoke the blood of Jesus over her to wash all cancer cells out of her body in Jesus’ name. I spoke to the pain to leave now. Then I commanded the tumor to shrivel up by the power of the Holy Spirit, dry up and dissipate in Jesus’ name. Then I spoke life to her and bound the word “death” I had gotten while singing in tongues over her. I asked her how the pain was and she said better but not gone. So I said, “You know that God gave me this word of knowledge tonight to tell all of us that He was really healing pain in the breast, which also means the breast cancer that causes this. We know what God is doing for you right now”. When I said that she suddenly burst out crying and said she was feeling tingling in the one breast area and heat all over her. I continued in tongues and went into singing tongues. That’s when a blanket of peace came down over all of us. I told her she would never have to worry about it coming back because I commanded it to never come back in Jesus’ name. She then told us all the pain was gone, and she was still having tingling. I told her that God was healing her and she was feeling Him healing her breast. – Mary, Retired

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