Four Year-old Deaf Mute Set Free!

On our second day of evangelism we stopped at a house where the grandmother was a believer. She asked if we could pray for her little grandson. She said he was a deaf mute. His name was Justin and he was 4 years old. 

When we first encountered Justin, he appeared angry, didn’t want to be bothered and was even hitting one of our younger team members. The team was feeling that it was a learning disorder because he was actually making noise. Another team member and I felt he may some spirits. I prayed that whatever spirits were on him would be bound at once and get off him. As the team began to pray his grandmother held him and again he seemed agitated and did not want any part of us praying for him. Then we asked the Honduran woman, Nellie, who was with us to lay hands on him and pray Psalm 139 over him. Nellie laid hands on him and began praying over him in Spanish. As she got further along in the psalm Justin began to calm down. There was an unbelievable peace came over him. When she was finished, Justin was hugging some of us and smiling. He was blowing kisses and we began see joy all over him, especially in his smile. When it was time to go he was waving goodbye to us and the smile never left his face. The transformation from the time we arrived and the time we left was huge. He was a different little boy. Praise You, Jesus, for the peace You brought to Justin!

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