Freedom from Pain in the Lower Back

I was with the teams that went with Randy Clark to the Igreja Batista de Contagem. The first person I prayed with was Dennis. He was from one of the support teams from the church. He asked for prayer for a pain in his lower back. I prayed and he indicated verbally and with a large smile that he had 100% relief.

Later on, I noticed Dennis was standing nearby. When he saw me look at him, he immediately came up to me and said he had pain again in his lower back. I asked if this was the same pain or if this was new or different. He said it was a new pain and that it was sharper than the first. So I started to pray again for him, and as soon as I put my hand on the point of pain on his back and began to pray, he cried out in pain. I stopped and asked him what he was feeling. He said the pain had increased and it felt like it was coming from all over his body to this one point. I suspected an afflicting spirit causing this pain. So I switched from a prayer of petition to a prayer of command as I commanded the pain to leave Dennis in the name of Jesus. The pain left and I asked Jesus to give him a fresh outpouring of his Spirit. He bent over as the Spirit came upon him and he began to receive the joy of the Lord. It was time for the team to leave the sanctuary and so I left him while the Spirit was still moving on him.

Brian M, Pastor

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