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About The COllege

We’re training up trustworthy theologians full of the power of God.

Each eight-week online course provides the theology, Scriptural understanding, and hands-on experience necessary to increase your effectiveness in life and ministry.
It can be isolating when we feel unequipped, but as our everyday lives become grounded in Biblical reality, we become confident people. Confidence, when empowered by God, brings stability and an increase in our effectiveness. Our courses are designed to give you the practical tools you need to find that confidence in who God is and what He says you can do.

We believe that eight weeks can change your life.

We believe that eight weeks can change your life. You can discover trustworthy theology, you can gain confidence in your ability to discern truth from falsehood, you can be activated in Spiritual gifts of healing and word of knowledge, you can unlock your prophetic gifting, and you can learn about the authority you have in Christ.

Each course is part of a greater whole, yet each course can be taken on its own. Take a single practical ministry course to get your feet wet. Go deep into a specialty track to become an expert. Or go all-out and get a diploma. Every course contains the most important theology, practical tools, and training needed for what the future holds. This is not about simple head knowledge or understanding facts. You’ll be challenged by our instructor and by your fellow learners to step out of your comfort zone and put action to what you’re learning.

Learning tracks include Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, Prophetic Ministry, Deliverance, Leadership, Church Growth, Bible, Theology, and Revival History.





A new way to learn

We’ve created a mixed model which combines online learning with a dedicated facilitator and a small group of fellow students. You’ll be able to forge lasting friendships and you’ll have the advantage of a seasoned facilitator to guide you through the learning process. Our courses are intense and require dedication to complete, yet we’ve carefully designed them to work into a busy lifestyle. They’re not easy. They are not go-at-your-own-pace. Some students do not pass. But for all who are willing to engage with God and with their fellow classmates, the experience is richly rewarding.

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