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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Physical Healing 1 costs $350. There are 3 books required. We offer a package discount of $35 for the books, or you can get them elsewhere. Prophetic Basics costs $350. There are 5 books required. We offer a package discount of $66 to buy them, or you can get them elsewhere.


No. It is an 8-week course with weekly assignments, homework, and required group discussions. You will be graded, so it’s possible to fail a course!


No, you have to complete more than one course to earn a certificate.


These are full classroom experiences, online. You’ll have a dedicated facilitator who will walk you through the class as an instructor. You’ll have a small group of fellow students, going through the course together, sharing experiences, holding each other accountable, and becoming friends. You’ll watch videos each week from world-class leaders, sharing their core life messages. In fact, most of our videos are exclusive to this program, so they cannot be found elsewhere. This is deep learning, and it’s hard work. People fail our courses, and sometimes they drop out because they can’t handle the commitment. These are not meant to be easy or bite-size; rather, the GCP courses are educational workouts that will give you an opportunity to find a fresh baptism of God’s power, a thorough understanding of doctrine, a greater love for the Bible, an understanding of your place in Church history, and practical tools to step out in healing and prophetic ministry.


Each week you’ll watch a video, read a portion of a book, do a practical element of practice, participate in small group discussions online, and do homework.

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