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Prophets & Prophecy

Prophetic Track:

In a time of much mixture and many prophetic missteps, it is increasingly important to be trained in prophetic ministry. This set of courses will ground you, biblically and historically, in the operation of prophets and prophecy. Along with your fellow online learners, you’ll get to know the scriptural and practical tools necessary to become an accurate, humble, and trustworthy prophetic voice.

Prophets & Prophecy:

NOTE: You have to pass these courses before you can enroll this course.

  • Prophetic Basics

This course will focus both upon the experiences of prophetic people and a study of the ministry of prophecy throughout the history of the Church. Course objectives include establishing a basis for understanding the calls, insights, and lifestyles of contemporary prophets, and providing an understanding of prophetic movements in the history of the Church. Special emphasis is placed on studying the Latter Rain Movement, the Charismatic Movement, and the 1980’s prophetic movement. Videos contain interviews with modern day prophets such as Bob Hazlett, Dennis Balcomb, Kim Maas, Jamie Galloway, Mahesh Chavda, Patricia King, and Larry Randolph, discussing how they were called into prophetic ministry, how they developed their gift, as well as breakthrough events and experiences they have had.

Price: $350
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