GCP 5 Year Anniversary

The year 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of the launching of the Christian Healing Certification Program. It is exciting to realize that over 2300 students have joined the Healing and Prophetic programs in that very short time frame and that they represent people from all over the world who have received training and impartation in the ministry of physical healing, inner healing deliverance and prophecy.  

Many lives, churches, ministries, and communities have been impacted by the influence of these programs, as students have applied what they have learned to bring restoration and encouragement to so many people.

In celebration of this anniversary, the staff of Global Certification programs extends to you a special discount of $100.00 for new and current students to register for ANY class beginning in the MARCH session, that starts soon. You may register for the class online, at healingcertifcation.com, or propheticcertification.com. This discount applies only to the MARCH 2017 session and, if you are a new student to the programs, you must start with either Physical Healing 1 or Prophetic Basics 1. We give thanks to God for his faithfulness to us.

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