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Generational Curse, Afllicting Spirit Go! Ear Pain Leaves!

A young girl around the age of 12, named Felicia, asked for prayer for her ears. She said she had gone to many doctors for several months who could not figure out what was wrong. Her ears would hurt a lot. 

I commanded the afflicting spirit to leave and her ear drums to be made whole. She started to feel heat and started swaying. I blessed what God was doing and she said the pain had traveled to the side of the left temple. I received a word of knowledge about a generational curse so I canceled the curse in Jesus’ name and her pain left. She said her ears stopped hurting. I asked if she had given her life to Christ and she said, “Yes”. I prayed a blessing over her and shared that she has the authority through Holy Spirit to continue walking in her healing. – Carmeal

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