Genetic Heart Abnormality Healed

Bexhill England. From one of the prayer team members:

“We went to a life group meeting and prayed for a young man whose mother had died of an abnormality in her heart. He had been diagnosed with the same abnormality and was heading to London the following day for a whole battery of tests. We prayed for his complete healing at the meeting, and placed the blood of Jesus between him and any generational curses. We agreed with God for all of the blessings he would inherit from his family line. When he went for the tests the following day, there was no longer any evidence that he had the abnormality!”

From a friend of the prayer recipient:

They are still flying high. The last time [the young man] had checked with the specialist doctor, he was told that he had the same illness which his mother died from. We prayed for him that he would be healed and he was still going to the specialist the next day with his father. Well the doctors ran all kinds of tests and this time nothing showed up. [A relative] said he was completely healed.

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