Germany – Family Healed Physically, Spiritually & Emotionally

May 4, 2013

A family of five from a Gypsy background arrived in my area during worship. I sensed they were not Christian/Protestant, so I reached out to touch them with love, praying in the Spirit. They immediately responded with tears, joy and embraces. I felt a bond and open door with them.

The younger brother, who was in a wheelchair, had three metal rods in his left arm with no strength in his hand and limited ability to raise his arm and no ability to bend at the elbow. His older brother smelled strongly of alcohol and sat by me. God told me He was granting him forgiveness of sins and more of Himself, which I was able to minister to him as the evening progressed. His countenance changed and he became radiant. He then asked me to pray for part of his right palm near his thumb which was infected and painful. After two prayers the pain and the swelling were completely gone. I joined a group ministering over the brother in the wheelchair. In time he was able to raise his arm shoulder high and bend his arm partially despite the metal there. Before the evening was over an older sister was delivered and slain in the Spirit. The mother and another sister were ministered to for physical and emotional needs. The group left deep touched and blessed having experienced the Kingdom God draw near. – Lynn

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