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Global School: Summer Update

Leviticus 23 tells us that God established regular times of feasting and celebrating before the Lord. These were scheduled times on the calendar where God wanted His people to throw a party. I love the surprises of God but isn’t it good that His heart is to schedule times of celebration?

I have felt this way about Global Summer Intensive. While the surprises of God’s goodness happen all through the year, there is a scheduled three weeks in June that God seems to just love. We can count on God showing up as people from all over the world converge on Global Awakening’s headquarters for three weeks of transformation, encounters, outreaches and of course celebrations!

Last month we had over a hundred students with hungry hearts set aside time to schedule a feast with the Lord. And God showed up! It never gets old seeing pastors weeping before God or laughing in His joy. We loved seeing missionaries refreshed and evangelists fired up! The times of impartation were off the charts powerful.

The three weeks included many salvations, impartations, incredible teaching, powerful inner healing and life long connections. Besides the normal class days, Global School put on its annual Elevate Conference with Bob Hazlett. Hundreds of people from all over came to the conference and were marked by the presence of God.

Global School now turns its attention to the next scheduled “Feast of the Lord” on our calendar. The nine-month school begins in September. Hungry ones are signing up. Have you signed up? Visit today.

– Ben Williams
Global School Administrator (Online, Satellite, & GSI)

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