Global Summer Intensive 2018 Recap

Can things get any better?! Global Summer Intensive has been a highlight for us since the very first one in 2010. Each year has been incredible in their own ways and afterward, we seem to always scratch our heads in amazement at the goodness of God wondering if the next year can get any better. It has been as if God has been having GSI go from glory to glory. Somehow each summer seems to get better even though we are not sure how it can get much better than the current summer intensive. 2018 blew us out of the water! It was the largest GSI in our history with 136 students coming from 13 different nations! These hungry people were from many different denominations, backgrounds, cultures, and callings. It was like witnessing a glimpse of Heaven on Earth.

The power of God came so strong during impartations that many continued encountering God late into the evenings shaking on their beds and unable to walk. Many people gave their lives to Jesus and were healed as these students jumped into outreach on the streets in our area and joined with our friend Jay Baylor in Baltimore, MD. There was even one man supernaturally reconnected to his daughter after over 20 years of not knowing where she was with the help of a student being led by the Holy Spirit. The students bonded as they prayed together, ate together, laughed together and cried together. The presence of God and the growth through the incredible teaching by our amazing faculty is difficult to put into words.

Dr. Mike Hutchings led the way in starting GSI off and as always he is spectacular. If you have not heard him you are missing out. In addition to his teaching during the school he also offered a free seminar on “God Heals PTSD” which as also the cover story for Charisma Magazine right before GSI where Dr. Mike was the featured article. God set people free powerfully during his training with people continuing to testify about how they were more free than ever all through GSI.

We had some special treats during the Elevate Conference that happens during the first weekend of GSI. This year we had Katie Luse who used to work for Global School return and Dr. Rebecca Greenwood. All I can say is Wow! Those are powerful women of God. Richie Seltzer lit up the stage with his passion for evangelism and girls young kids got in on the action by giving words of knowledge, prophesying and praying for people. In addition to them we were led in worship by anointed Ricardo White of Life Center Ministries International, Kingdom Embassy and Global School alumni. These people joined Dr. Mike Hutchings, Tom Holloway and myself to minister to a packed house. The Elevate Conference is a must come type of event! The presence of God was so thick that on Saturday night I could barely stand or speak.

We all wanted to sleep for about a week after those three weeks but it was worth it. God is so much and it was an honor to watch this happen. Thank you for celebrating with us! Maybe next year you will be with us! As I told the students, “If you are asking God about Global School…the answer is Yes!” Now that we have that settled, we look forward to seeing you here. Much love from the headquarters of Global Awakening.

Ben Williams
Administrator, Global School Online, Global Summer Intensive

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