God Creates New Cartilage In Woman’s Knees!

Another lady pulled my arm and with limited English said, “Pain in both knees”. I just prayed with no interpreter. I tried to ask her if she still had pain and it seemed she still did.

So I prayed again and felt God saying to me, “You are trying too hard to heal. I am the One that heals!” I repented and just calmed down from all the hype, and prayed. After a while I re-interviewed and she still seemed to have pain. I had a word of knowledge about a creative miracle, because she didn’t have cartilage in her knees. I prayed and asked God to create cartilage in her knees and as I was praying, I could feel her kneecaps moving under my hands. I asked, ”How about now?” She began to weep as she bent her knees. She said something in Portuguese. The interpreter showed up and reported that the doctors said that in five years she would not work at all. The lady laughed and cried after getting healed. – Mike, Truck driver

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