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God Hugs While Team Member “Stays in God’s Shadow”

Saturday, September 21 was impartation night for the First Baptist Church (PIB) in Marilia.  During the message Randy asked the team to disperse throughout the crowd.  I went to the very back of the room, sat on the floor against the wall and began to pray.  My body light up on fire (not unusual), and God gave me a picture of Holy Spirit going through the crowd like the cartoon of Tazmanian devil.  Then, He showed me a dark wide line right in front of me.  He said, “Get into my shadow. This is not about you but about me. Get into my shadow and stay there.”  I said, “yes, Daddy.”  I pictured myself getting into this dark line before me.  It was just wide enough for my shoulders and so easy to step out of if I became unaware.  I felt the heaviness of Holy Spirit on me and the seriousness of staying in His shadow.  When Randy asked us to go around touching those who were manifesting I did.  Then Randy asked those who wanted more to come forward.  I went up front and started praying over those in line down the aisle.  Most of them went down in the Spirit.  Then, God told me to look in the crowd.  He told me to go to the women still sitting in their seats who don’t feel worthy to receive.  He highlighted one woman to me.  I went up to her and started to hug her.  I didn’t have a translator or a catcher with me.  She started to cry uncontrollably.  God showed me her wounds, and I began to pray into her wounds in English as I was hugging her.  Then her body went limp as she spent time with God.  I gently laid her down on the seats, and God highlighted another woman to go to.  This happened over and over again.  If the husband was next to the woman I was praying for, I prayed for him afterwards.  Always sensing or seeing their wounds and praying over them.  The husband would also fall out in the Spirit.  At one moment when I was hugging a woman I looked up and saw another team member praying for someone who was manifesting.  I felt pride rise in me, rise for that team member and what they were doing.  God told me very strongly, “Get back in my shadow and stay there!”  I don’t know how many women I hugged.  It was so many.  Oh, and when I hugged them, it hurt.  I felt the loving power of God come out of my chest and into theirs.  When this happened it hurt.  When it was time to go, and I got on the bus and began to cry.  The power of God was so on me and flowing through me that I became so emotional of what just happened.  I feel like the Holy Spirit had taken possession of me during the service.  During the evening snack I was still emotional and sat at a quiet table with Lisa Tuttle processing what had just happened.  Then, when I got back on the bus I think my physical body caught up with what had happened.  I began to shake like I was extremely cold.  I needed assistance to get off the bus and to my room. I have been asking God for three years to be able to touch someone who’s struggling with understanding God’s love and them have a sudden, powerful revelation of His love.  I believe He has answered this longing.  It hurts my heart to see people struggle with knowing His love.  Love is his very being.   But, I learned such a valuable lesson.  Only God gets the glory.  I have to surrender all of myself and allow Him to do it all through me.  I have to remain under His shadow and just cooperate with what He says to do.       

– Lori, Missionary

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