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God Performs Surgery & Heals Body Pain

Tonight a lady came up to me who had terrible pain all over her body for the past three days. It was so bad she couldn’t work. As I prayed, she said she felt heat all over her body. 

I prayed some more. Nothing changed, but she still had heat all over. I didn’t want to interrupt what God was doing, so I kept praying. After a minute, I asked her what was going on, and she said she felt like falling. I told her to go ahead and fall and reassured her that we would catch her. I started praying over her again, and she did indeed fall under the power of God. After a couple of minutes, she came back to her senses, and I asked her what happened. She said she saw herself on an operating table, and now the pain was completely gone! I believe God operated on her body while she was under the influence of His power. Glory to God! 

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