Great-grandmother’s Healing Opens Door for Ten to be Saved

Our team went out for evangelism with some Brazilian believers to the favelas (the slums/poor area) in their church neighborhood. As we walked and ministered to people in the streets, we were welcomed into one home. There were four generations of family living there together. 

We shared with them some testimonies of what God is doing in Campinas and asked if they needed prayer. The great-grandma requested prayer for three physical needs: pain in her shoulders, pain in her lungs when she walks (complications from years of smoking) and dizziness when she turns and walks. God touched her and healed her completely from all three ailments. This opened their hearts to Jesus. We asked if they would like to receive Jesus as their Lord, and they all said yes! The Brazilian leader in our group led all 10 of the family members to the Lord. There was an 8-month-old baby in the home, too young to pray for salvation, so we prayed blessings over him and prophesied over him. After the time of prayer they asked us to pray over two photos of family members who are in prison to have an encounter with this Living Savior. Praise Jesus! – Holly

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