2020 Speakers

Dr. Randy Clark

Global Awakening

Founder of the Greater Things conference. For over 45 years, God has been using Randy to call the people of God back to the full Gospel of the Kingdom: salvation, healing, and the Spirit’s empowerment for living. God wants to use you!

"If we want to be more successful in our going—to whatever place or whatever group—we need more of the anointing. We need a fresh impartation from heaven."

-Randy Clark
There is More

Robby Dawkins

Robby is a fifth-generation pastor who was born to missionary parents in Japan. Having previously pastored, Robby now works in the US and the Middle East, ministering love, joy, peace, healing, reconciliation, and breaking demonic power. Robby regularly sees God’s miraculous power through salvations & healings.

"I envision a complete breakthrough in the Middle East, where unequipped church leaders will get the chance to see Christ’s power in the most persecuted countries in the world. We are coming to arm the Middle East with weapons of love, joy, peace, healing, prophecy and breaking demon power. These are weapons of mass destruction against Satan that will defeat him and the Muslim world will all know Jesus!"

-Robby Dawkins

Katherine Ruonala

Katherine carries a proven prophetic gift from God and a stirring exhortation. Many report instant healings in her meetings. Expect a fresh fire of revival to be ignited in your heart during her session.

Michael Koulianos

Jesus Image

Michael Koulianos is the founder of Jesus Image, an international ministry consisting of Jesus Events, Jesus School, and Jesus Image Church, a family of believers in Orlando, who burn for the Presence of Jesus Himself.

Michael is also part of “The Send” collaboration, a group of leaders hosting stadium gatherings around the world. They are committed to activating believers in evangelism and mobilizing missionaries worldwide.

"Loving Jesus is the highest calling and life's greatest achievement. It is a never-ending experience that will change you forever. Loving Him does not help you achieve, it is the ultimate achievement."

-Michael Koulianos
The Jesus Book

Jessica Koulianos

Jesus Image

Jessica Koulianos is a speaker and leader marked by genuineness and depth and serves as the Director of Jesus School. She walks in a powerful prophetic ministry and leads with wisdom and insight. Jessica’s heart is to see everyone encounter Jesus in a deep and personal way. She loves to share her testimony and release others to step into their breakthrough. She is also co-founder of Jesus Image and invited to speak around the world.

Together Michael and Jessica steward a burning desire to win cities, nations, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through their faithful leadership, Jesus Image has seen thousands come to Jesus and multitudes healed by the power of God. Michael and Jessica reside in the Orlando area along with their three children.

Will Hart

Iris Global Ministry

In 1999 Will walked into the basement of a church not knowing why he was there. That night the Holy Spirit reached out and grabbed him by the heart and he was never the same. Since then Will and his wife Musy have traveled and ministered with Bob Bradbury, Randy Clark and Rolland and Heidi Baker. Will's call is to take the simplicity of the gospel and power of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes.

In 2016, Heidi & Rolland Baker asked Will to take over as Iris Global's Chief Operating Officer. Now, in addition to traveling the globe speaking as an itinerant, he operationaly runs Iris Global.

Dr. Tom Jones

Global Awakening Vice-President

As a small boy, Tom Jones attended a camp meeting service, where his grandfather lifted him high to see the Glory Cloud hovering over the crowds. In that moment, a passion to press into the heart of God and pursue revival was lit. Like his grandfather before him, Tom provokes people to lift up their eyes and encounter the presence of God, blessing and releasing them to passionately pursue their destiny.

Charity Cook

Global Awakening Associate Minister

Charity is a frequent speaker at many of our events and brings a prophetic teaching gift to her ministry along with a deep well of practical equipping. As a Global Awakening associate evangelist, she has proven to be a woman of character, anointing, and deep thinking. Charity is a graduate of Global School of Supernatural Ministry’s inaugural class and has been serving on the Global staff since 2006.

Brian Starley

Global Awakening Associate Minister

Brian’s deepest conviction is to learn how to make room for the presence of God in our lives, and to honor what He’s doing above all else. His ministry is marked the Spiritual gift of words of knowledge, and healing.

Justin Allen

Global Awakening Associate Minister

Justin has a history of accurate prophetic ministry. His passion is that all Jesus’ followers would work to advance the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, walking in God-empowered confidence and freedom.

William Wood

Global Awakening Associate Minister

William has a gift to stir up faith in the Church to become relentless believers. Expect to find the push you need to step out of the wilderness and into a more empowered, Godward life.

2020 Worship

Catch the Fire Music

A ministry of Catch The Fire World existing to export a unique & authentic expression of worship that leads people to an encounter with God’s transforming presence. Expect to encounter God’s freedom.

New Horizons Worship

A singer/songwriter community & worship collective. New Horizons joins multiple generations into one voice to inspire wholeness in worship. Expect to encounter the presence of God.