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Healed Man Is Saved, Revokes Witchcraft

When we went on outreach to the Bush with Heidi, our team went to pray for the people house to house. We went to the house of a man named, Bruno, who was very sick.

A witch doctor had come to visit him the week before, but he only got worse. He had almost completely lost all strength in his arms and legs and could barely stand up on his own. We asked him if we could pray for healing and he agreed. We started praying and commanding the spirit of illness/infirmity to go in Jesus name and strength to return to his body. We felt heat and movement in his legs, so we kept praying. We asked if he could try walking and he did! We prayed two or three more times as the movement continued in his legs. By the end, he was 100% healed and so excited he threw his cane away! He received Jesus completely revoking witchcraft and got rid of the things that went with it. – Elise, Missionary
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