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Healing Brings Excitement For More Prayer

While on GA Guyana 2018 Missions Trip, we had the opportunity to participate in worship in a rural church, Parika Full Gospel Church. At the conclusion of the service, most if not all of the congregation responded to an invitation for healing prayer. I prayed for Judah, age 9, a young believer who told me in great detail of a fall he had the previous week while skating at his cousin’s house and how he hurt his hand and foot. After thanking the Lord for this “young and mighty man of God,” I commanded the pain to leave his body in Jesus’ name and afterward as he stood there grinning, we talked about his faith in Jesus and I encouraged him to talk to Jesus and pray for his family and friends. He was excited he had no pain and bounded back to his seat. I then prayed for the next woman in line and when she went to sit down, Judah had returned! He stated his sister had reminded him he had a “twitch in his eye” — and although it was not visible to me, we prayed and commanded the twitch to leave. Again he returned to his seat smiling. 

I prayed for several more people and Judah returned. His 7 year-old friend came and told him he could not be prayed for a third time, but I assured him we could pray for whatever he needed. Judah then shared he wanted to be a drummer. We prayed together for opportunities to open for Judah to develop his God-given desires and thanked him for Judah’s special talents and abilities. His 7 year-old friend “chased” him back to his seat and then asked for prayer. When I asked what he would like prayer for, he responded, “I don’t know.” He was also a young believer, so I prayed for an increase in wisdom, physical protection, favor with God, and favor with man as he walks in the plan his Father has for his life. I believe those boys would have stood in line many more times — perhaps because when praying together, they experience the loving presence of Jesus through the expression of love in their prayer. Judah’s initial healing stimulated much excitement and enthusiasm, as well as the curiosity of his young friend. – Judith, Psychologist

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