Healing & Deliverance from Addiction & Migraines

A teenager came to me HIGH on marijuana wanting to get rid of the addiction (I didn’t know his two buddies in the same condition were next in line) I was immediately reminded of how awesome our God is. This kid is HIGH. God drew him and his buddies to the church and in line for prayer) Jesus!! I will admit, God did mess up his high. He came back to me about 30 minutes later SOBER asking how I knew about the motorcycle I mentioned. As I explained why God gave me that detail, he was in awe.

A lady had migraines and pinching feeling on her arms, both went away and for the first time she felt the Holy Spirit moving from her head down her body. She had her arms out saying she never felt anything like that before.

Another lady had migraines on right side of her head, right side of her face and arm itches, metal pump sticking out of her chest on the right side that releases medicine. No pain at the time since she’s just had medication couple hours earlier. She felt peace and believed God would fully heal her. 

What stood out for me the most was the lady that didn’t feel the Holy Spirit touch her. Her back, chest and wrist pain stayed at the same level. She is a Christian. No trauma when it all started years ago. She had no one to forgive from the heart and knows that God wants to heal her. I prayed for her several times, nothing changed. When I had to go, the interpreter prayed for her, nothing changed. I felt there was an issue that she wasn’t ready to talk about or deal with because her eyes looked kind of hopeless. – Lisa

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