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Healing During Street Ministry

We were doing street ministry in downtown Nairobi when a man came over and invited us to his shop to pray for people there.  We went with him and found 3 men and a woman. All claimed to be Christians (though the two men disagreed a bit as one accused the other of drinking sometimes and therefore not a true Christian.)   It was this second man that said he needed prayer for his right big toe that had been crushed in a traffic accident on public transportation. We laid hands on his shoe inviting the Holy Spirit to work among us and began to command the toe be restored – the bones be put in place, the tendons put together correctly, the nail be made new, and the pain and numbness to disappear.  In asking him what he was feeling, he said he felt warmth on his foot – and my hand was also warm. I continued to pray to bless what the Lord was doing and asked Him to continue to increase and heal completely. At that point the man looked surprised, and took off his shoe and sock saying the pain and numbness was completely gone and he could walk normally. He then said he had pain that went up his leg and the knuckle on the toe didn’t bend. Another team member prayed for these. The leg pain was healed though the knuckle was not.

Lauri, IT Director

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