Healing for Pain & Numbness Leads to Emotional Healing

“D” came to me for pain and numbness in her right thumb and hand, but God told me it was referred pain from tendonitis like I had. I prayed for alignment of her skull and spine. I  had had asked about shoulders because I  could see that they were uneven. I asked her what authority or work failed or has been taken from her. She answered that she was heavily mortgaged and struggle to run her own business. I had her renounce self-protection, fear of financial loss, the lie that God would not provide for her and other similar things. 

I could that she was straightening up and the pain increased in her collar bone on the right side. I broke off the attack on her destiny and the fears associated with those things which she had renounced. The Lord told me she was over functioning in relationships and she renounced that as well. Then I removed the yoke off her neck and shoulders. The pinched nerve stopped pinching her neck. I blessed her with the easy yoke of Christ. She then asked for prayed from residual bitterness that resulted in ovarian cancer and subsequent removal of one ovary. So I lead her in prayer to forgive her parents and broke off generational causes and  fears of loss of a future as a mother. We clapped five times and she left with 85% healing.

I told her to stand in her healing and weed out lies and curses on her identity and replace them with the truth of God’s love for her.

I saw her next day and she said in the night the pain  tried to return.  She commanded it to go and it did! – Teresa, musician

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