Healing in Back and Breast

A young lady whose name is Julianna said she had back pain, so I prayed, and the back pain was 50% gone. Blaine Cook tapped me on the shoulder and told me she had a tumor on her breast. I said she has only asked for prayer for a back problem which is 50% healed. I told him I would continue praying for the back and ask if I could pray for the tumor. I continued to pray for her back a couple more times. It was 100% healed so I asked if I could pray for the tumor. I told her God healed her back and He wants to heal her of that tumor. She said yes. I prayed and she thought there was a little bit of a change, so I prayed more, and she said it seems like it’s down by 50%. I prayed more, and she said she could feel a burning fire. I continued to pray, with only a little bit of the tumor left and I could not get any further. Jessica from our team was standing next to me and I asked her to come and help me. We prayed more and we got it down to about 10% left. At that point Blaine asked how things were going and we told him. He asked her if she was coming back tomorrow, she said yes, so we told her come back for more prayer. The next day I saw Julianna (young woman with tumor). I said to Jessica let’s pray for her. I got her and asked if she would come up front. Jessica and I prayed for her for a while and the tumor went from 10% left down to 5% and our time had run out. We encouraged her the God had healed her back, and the tumor was gone by 95%. We told her to continue to command that tumor to go in Jesus name! -Tom, Retired

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