Healing in the Knee of a Sport’s Player

Mauro was translating for me for a bit.  We had just finished praying for a young woman who was deeply touched.  No one else was coming for prayer so he asked for prayer.  He had issues in his right knee for about two years which was very painful for him in certain movements.  He liked to play sports, so this injury was particularly ‘annoying’ for him.  I asked the young woman (who we just prayed for) if she would pray.  She knelt down and put her hands on his knee and prayed.  We got him to test it out and there was improvement.  I asked if she would pray again.  She prayed again.  I stopped her after a bit and got him to check it out.  She said she could feel an intense heat while she was praying.  He tested it out again.  I don’t recall if we had to pray a third time or not, but he felt it was 100% better when we finished. 

Lisa O, Building Inspector

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