Healing of Ear Comes After Word of Knowledge & Prayer

I received a word about an hour before church. It was a warm tingly sensation behind the ear. While up on the stage I made eye contact with a lady and prayed love towards her. I later gave the word by putting my finger on the spot and she stood.

When we were called to pray I went out and found her curled up. Someone had already prayed for her and she was slain in the Spirit. I had an interpreter put her hand on mine over hers and I prayed for her to be healed.

Later I found her again. She had pain in the ear which ran down to her shoulder. I prayed again for her ear to be healed, and some of the pain left. She also had breathing problems in her chest and throat. I asked when it started, if there was any trauma in her life. Her mom was in auto accident. I asked if she had fear or anxiety or worry. She said yes. I prayed a couple more times, and the pain left her arm and ear. I prayed for the spirit of fear to leave and for Jesus to give her the gifts of the Spirit, peace, joy, kindness. She started to laugh and pray. She laughed more as joy came over her. After we both said amen, she gave me a high five with both hands that she is completely healed. – Patrick 

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