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Elderly Woman Healed of Pain in Knees & Numbness in Hand

An elderly woman hobbled up to me with severe pain walking because she had no cartilage in her knees. She also had numbness in her right hand. I prayed for the hand but there was no reaction to the prayer.

I then had her sit as I prayed for her knees. I broke off all spirits of arthritis, rheumatism and pain and spoke for cartilage to be formed. She felt the pain diminish. I prayed again in the same manner and the pain continued to diminish. At the same time she began rubbing her right hand. She was feeling tingling in her hand. I prayed for the hand and broke off numbness and spoke for all pinched nerves to be relaxed. She began flexing her hand excitedly. She also said her one knee was perfect with just some tingling in the other. She got up and began walking around the prayer area. She had a slight limp affecting her one knee. There was no further improvement with prayer. She laughed, praising God.

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