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Healing of Knees, Eye & Head Pain Comes

I received a word of knowledge for left sharp or constant knee pain. Two people came up. One lady came up to me and said she had constant left knee pain for years. We prayed a couple times and her pain completely went away.


A man also came forward for constant left knee pain. He said his knee area/bone would crack when he would bend his knees. I prayed two times and his pain left but the cracking didn’t stop. I prayed a third time and the cracking stopped and he was healed! He came up again to Selah and I and we prayed for his kidney pain to leave and it did!

Later on, another woman came up to me for something different. She said she had congestion/pain around her eye. We prayed and she said she also had pain in the back of her head. So we prayed against those two pains. Her eye pain left and then we prayed again and her head pain was completely gone and healed! – Anonymous

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