Healing of Right Shoulder

A guy came with very restricted movement in all of his right side, arm, shoulder, hand, wrist and leg due to bike accident three years ago. He had broken his arm, and his hand and arm were not joined together properly. I prayed for the power of God to come and fill his left side. I spoke healing and full functionality and full movement to all of his left side. He felt like his whole left side was burning. I told him to try and move his arm and do what he could not do before. He told me it was better. We thanked God and prayed more. I prayed for his leg and it started to shake. After a while he told me that all of his left side was now 70% better. After some more prayer, I changed focus and asked God to fill his heart with love and give him a deep assurance of how precious he was to God.

He started crying. I then prayed again for his left side and as he checked it out he said it was all 100% good except for his fingers and his hand that had a wrong angle after the operation. We gave praise to God for healing him. He told me that probably the nerves in his wrist and hand had been damaged and therefore he could not move his fingers much. I prayed specifically for the nerves and spoke new life and healing into them and I encouraged him to keep on trying to move his fingers. Gradually he was able to move his fingers more and more. When we were called out to the bus and had to leave he said it was 98% better. I sealed the healing and asked God to complete the healing during the night and told the guy to keep moving his fingers until he had full movement. We gave thanks, he thanked me and we hugged. – Torsten 

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