Healing of Tooth & Gums Reaps Blessing & Anointing!

We had ministered with Tom in a small church and then went to Christ church and arrived as Bill Johnson was finishing his sermon. We were in the café watching it stream when Bill mentioned the overflow rooms. Alison and I went into one. I had a word of knowledge for a pain the right side of the neck.

A woman stood up, saying “That’s me!”, and came for prayer. She said the pain went from her neck to her gums and tooth which were infected. Her pain was 8 out of 10. She said she almost didn’t come. I laid hands on her neck and commanded all infection, inflammation, and pain to go in Jesus Name. I only prayed once and she was totally healed. Then she said, “I want what you have on your hands”. I told her Jesus healed her and used me in the process. She asked for an impartation. So I prayed for her, blessed her hands with power to heal, etc. She started trembling and sweating profusely. This went on for about 10 minutes. I was just praying for her and watching her fare.

Alison walked up and said, “Oh, my gosh! What’s on her hands”? We all looked down and touched her hands thinking sweat had pooled into her hands. It wasn’t sweat. It was oil! Yes, Jesus! I told her to go lay hands on others and pray for them. She was just praising God for healing of a tooth and gums and receiving a blessing and anointing! – Chandra

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