Healings and Salvation in the Bush

During the Friday morning bush outreach, there were about 25 mamas and 25 children of all ages following us from house to house. They told us we had to pray for the mama before we would pray for the others as an honoring action. So we prayed for her sore arm, headaches, and sore feet. Her left arm had what appeared to be a bulging muscle. We prayed and then asked her if she felt better. She said she felt a little better so we prayed again. We prayed not only for her healing, but for God’s power to be revealed. We then asked her if she felt better. She said she was completely better and we could physically see a difference in her arm because the bulge was completely gone.

She then tested her feet and was able to jump without pain. We asked her to testify to the group that Jesus healed her. We were then able to walk them all through the prayer of salvation. We began to pray for the other mamas and 2 women were completely healed of stomach trouble. We prayed for a baby boy with a fever and a little girl with stomach trouble and a cold. They seemed to feel better too.

Stacey, Office Manager

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