Healings in the Sky

As we began our descent on the flight to Brisbane, I got severe pain in both ears. I had a cold and it felt like my eardrums were about to burst! The stewardess didn’t have any helpful tips other than I shouldn’t be flying. Brady noticed and started to pray.  

Peter was sitting right next to me and put his hands on my ears and began speaking out ‘No pain, eardrums be healed in Jesus Name’ and Terry, sitting behind me, put his hand on my head – my sky angels!!! In a few seconds, Holy Spirit took all the pain from my left ear and in a few more seconds all pain was gone from both ears, Glory to God!

I tapped the same stewardess on the shoulder and said ‘I have a new tip for you, “These lovely Christian guys just prayed for me and all that ear pain vanished!”

She said, “Oh, I could do with some of that. I have a lot of neck pain!”

Some of the team laid hands on her and prayed on the spot affected and her neck pain immediately reduced by at least 80%! Hallelujah! – Heather 

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