Hearing 80% Restored in Deaf Ear

A man named David asked me to pray for his right ear. He had been deaf in that ear for the last 6-7 years. Doctors had no idea what caused it. After the 1st prayer, we checked and he was still completely deaf in his right ear. We prayed again and checked; he had no hearing. We prayed the 3rd time – still nothing. Because he had faith and wanted to continue praying, we did. On the fourth round, I felt led to place my hands on the back of his neck at the base. After the 4th time, he heard a little bit of sound. We prayed a 5th time and it was the same, placing my hand on the base of the back of his neck. Each time we prayed, faith increased. When he first heard a little sound, his eyes lit up with excitement! After the 6th time we prayed, I felt led to ask him to open his jaw wide multiple times (like you would do if you were popping your ears). When checking, his hearing grew to more than 50%. We prayed a 7th time and checked. His hearing was the same. At this point I felt like we just needed to wait and receive and let the Lord do the work He was doing. At the end of the waiting and praying, I asked him to turn his face side to side like he was looking over his right shoulder then his left. When we checked, he said his hearing was now at 70%. David, the translator, the catcher, and I jumped up and down, so excited about his healing and rejoicing in God. The last time we prayed, I just declared a finished work. I could see him wrapped in the presence of God and fully aware of the love God has for Him. At the final check he was 80%. He raised both hands over his head amazed and thankful for God’s healing. Then we clapped 5 times to signal to the team that we saw 80% healing. It was so beautiful to see David’s amazement and the true healing touch of God on him. I may have miscounted the number of times we prayed and checked plus or minus one. Also I don’t remember exactly what I prayed each time, but I prayed in every way and even thanked the Lord for the others that I know whose ears were opened.    – Shanna, CEO

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