Hearing Restored After Issues Since Birth

Karina, 32, reported that she wanted prayer for her ears. She had only 14% hearing in each ear since birth. Cupping my hands gently over Karina’s ears, I prayed that her hearing would be normal in Jesus’ name and then checked to see if there was improvement. She indicated that there was a little improvement. I gave thanks for what the Lord was doing. The second time I prayed that the Holy Spirit would put everything into its proper function within Karina’s ears, to open them and give her normal hearing in Jesus’ name. Suddenly, I felt a rush of air against each of my hands, pushing them away. 

Karina collapsed at my feet sobbing. After a moment she stood up and said that she thought her hearing was 80% improved. I gave thanks for the Lord’s continued healing and prayed one more time that the Holy Spirit would complete what He had begun. Karina fell under the Spirit and lay on the floor weeping for a few minutes. When she got up, she was so happy. Karina said that her ears were completely healed. We praised Jesus for His awesome healing! Then I asked one of the interpreters to take her to the other side of the stage to give her testimony. How wonderful it is to participate in the Lord’s work and witness His healing – especially one which is very possibly a creative miracle!

– Stephanie, Homemaker/Prayer Leader

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