Hearing Restored at a Local Bar

On a day of ministry in the marketplace I went into the local bar and introduced myself to a few guys hanging out drinking ice cold beer. After a bit of conversation, I asked if anyone had any prayer requests. A fellow in the back room where they were playing pool called us over and asked if I would pray for his friend that was deaf. Motioning to his friend I asked if it was okay to place my hands over his ears. He nodded. Praying that he receives his hearing, with my hands on him, his eyes shot open. I know this look since I had recently started wearing hearing aids and had the same look. We proceeded to check his hearing by snapping our fingers at different spots around the room and he turned his head every time. Immediately his friend came up and tested him confirming the fact that his hearing had been restored. Later another team member met up with him and he told the team member how his hearing had been restored.

John P, Self Employed

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