Hearing Restored & Sight, Headaches Healed

The first man I prayed for tonight was at least 90 percent deaf. We prayed and he was very disappointed that nothing changed.  I said, “Let’s pray again.” 

The second time I prayed he checked it out by closing his good ear and it was like a light came on in his face. The tears began to flow as he told me that he could hear! It was 40 – 50 percent better so we celebrated the goodness of God and prayed again! He continued to get better. It was awesome! 

Then I prayed for a lady who was touching her forehead. I could not make out what she was saying so I asked the man who had had the hearing problem if he would help me since he spoke English. She had a headache and a brain condition along with a sight problem. She had lost 60-70 percent of her sight in her left eye. We prayed for her and it was better. We prayed two more times. The headache was gone and the eye was 80 percent better! – Jeff 

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