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Heart Healed

I prayed for a guy named Carlos; he spoke English. He had become ill from work because he was working with chemicals in America. He was in such a bad way he had to come back to Brazil. His doctor said only 30% of his heart was working and this had caused him to have thrombosis in his left leg. He said to me I believe if I came here my Jesus would heal me.

I started praying and he got blasted and started laughing while he was on the ground. I continued to pray for his heart and prayed off trauma from work. Then I started praying for his leg. He came up and I asked how he was doing. He was glowing with the glory of God and said the pain in his chest was gone and he believed Jesus had healed his heart. He also said for years he longed to go down in the spirit and this was the first time he went down. He said his leg felt a little bit better too but I did not see his leg change. – Raj

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