“Heart Surgery” Sets Man Free

I came to support my two children on this trip, Jasmine (17) and Caleb (14). But I received major emotional heart surgery myself. I am really free for the first time in five years. (I was born again 33 years ago and was doing pretty well until I had a severe attack 4 – 5 years ago. I closed off my heart unknowingly.)

I want to thank God and thank the specific people that He used on this trip to set me free. Thanks to Valora for her prophetic teaching and her prophetic anointing and Tom for his teaching on destiny (I couldn’t handle it the first time I heard it in March). Valora’s teaching opened up my heart to believe and receive Tom’s teaching this time. Hallelujah! Thank you, God, for second chances! Thanks to Shane Leasure (YPI’er) for doing heart surgery on me on the back of the boat on the Amazon River with a single word of knowledge. I want to thank my best buddy, covenant brother and pastor, Bob Fox, for his continual pastoral counseling. And a praise for Andrea Alauzen who was the best bus captain in the history of buses. Yeah! She prayed with my daughter and me and listened to all the Lord was doing. Forever grateful! Forever changed! – Michael

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