Global Awakening

Heavy Burdens Lifted

I prayed for my Interpreter’s sister who had been in constant pain for 6 months. I sensed right away that she seemed to be very tense. I asked if she was under any stress and she began to cry sharing that her husband had been out of work, which she felt the heavy weight of providing for her family. After praying and giving all of her issues up to the Lord she said a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. 

I asked her if she was still having pain. She said, “Yes, in her back”. I asked if there was anything else that was weighing on her, she shared that she was very angry about how bad things were in her life. I was sensing that she stuffed things and did not release them. She said, “Yes, that was true”. One by one she gave up to the Lord everything that was weighing on her. When she was done, she said that all of her pain was gone. Praise Jesus. – Cindi, (Director of Development)

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