Hernia Healed in Little Girl!

I prayed for an eight-year old girl who was brought by her father. She had a hernia in the region of the navel and a swollen abdomen. I asked if she believed Jesus’ would heal her. 

She answered ‘Yes’. I prayed and she screamed explaining that the pain was worse. With the help of the interpreter I explained what was happening to her. I told her that the Lord was touching her. She believed that Jesus’ really desired to heal her. So we prayed again and this time she told her father that the pain was going away. I checked to verify what she had said. I touched her abdomen lightly at first, and she said the pain was gone! I touched her again. This time harder and more extensively. She told me that the pain was completely gone. Then she did something amazing. She told her father that he did not need to carry her back to her seat because she was now able to walk. She was completely healed. Praise the Lord!

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