Hip Bone Creatively Restored!

After Jamie Galloway said for the YPI team to pray for the sick and hurting, a young woman was pushed forward towards me by an older woman. The young woman was on crutches and could barely scoot herself towards the front of the room. 

She revealed that she was hit by a car three months before. Her knee structure was damaged and she was in great pain. She had also no right hip bone. She could not move her right leg. I started praying for her and every time I “re-interviewed” her the pain was slowly going down. Her pain was a ten, then decreased to five and then it plateaued. I asked her if she had forgiven the person who had hit her. She began to pray for them as forgiveness was very difficult and then she consented to forgiving them. Again, the pain was slowly going down. It eventually reached zero pain at standing. Praise Jesus! I knew that God wanted to heal her completely. I asked if she was willing to give up the crutches and walk. As she walked she said there was still pain as she moved her leg. I called over fellow YPI members to pray for her hip bone to grow back — a creative miracle. As we interviewed her, the pain was slowly getting better. Finally we prayed and she walked without pain!!! She was sobbing and couldn’t stop thanking us and God! It was all The Lord!!!!

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