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Hip, Head, Knee Pain and Hearing Healed!

A woman in her 50’s came up for prayer for pain in her right knee. She also had pain in her left hip but was feeling heat in the hip. 

I laid my hand on her hip and the pain left. Before I could pray for her knee, she said she had a migraine headache. I put my hands on her head and commanded the spirit of migraine to leave. She began to cry and said that the migraine had left. When it did she heard a sound like rushing water in her ears and her hearing became clear. She hadn’t told us that she was beginning to experience hearing loss. She had had to turn up the volume. I then prayed for her knee, telling the pain to leave and it did. I asked her how bad it had been on a scale of 1 to 10 and she said that it had been a 10. She had trouble walking and had to lean on her husband to walk. I asked her to walk across the prayer area and she did without a limp! 

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