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Holy Spirit Creates a Domino Effect

Marcia was holding 7 month old Emanuel.   She had pain in both wrists at a high level of pain. Her baby was crying, so a friend took the baby.  Marcia’s wrist pain, which had been going on for three months and she had a hard time holding her baby, was healed progressively over 10-20 minutes. After she reported the pain completely gone, before I left I asked her if there was anything more she wanted prayer for.  She wanted to be able to lay hands on people and pray for healing for others.  The Holy Spirit creates a domino effect.  Praise the Lord.

A 13-year-old boy, Matthew, was brought to me by his mother because he has chronic asthma and was on an inhaler. After we prayed for the Lord to repair his lungs completely and allow him to breathe freely. I also command the spirit of affliction that asthma is, to leave him and not return. He was blasted and fell into a quivering posture. I spoke with his mother 30 minutes later about her son. She told me this was the first time he had been touched by the Holy Spirit and that his breathing felt terrific. He told her he felt washed by a cool breeze when he was lying on the church floor. He was all smiles and gave me a hug. The excitement for me was two other mothers with children with asthma, both four years old, asked for prayer for their children and their children were healed based on mothers’ reports.

A mother, Susanna, in her mid-30s reported that she had a four-year-old child and both she and the daughter had problems with aches and chronic pain in their bones. She stated her diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis. I prayed for her, using primarily the precious blood of Jesus, and she went down in the Holy Spirit. Under the Holy Spirit she cried and laughed and then sat up with great joy in her face. She reported that her body felt free, light, and had no pain for the first time in 3 1/2 years. She then brought her husband for prayer for his diabetes. I praise the Lord again for his domino effect. The faith of healing the one bringing out the faith of healing another. – Julie, 70-year-old CHCP Student

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