Get Physical Healing Prayer

Get in-person prayer for Physical Healing at our Mechanicbsurg, PA headquarters.

Get Inner Healing Ministry

Get in-person inner healing ministry at our Mechanicsburg, PA headquarters.

Online Prayer Request Form

Submit a prayer request online, and our intercession team will be praying for you.

Global Prayer Room

Are you looking for prayer? We offer three ways to reach out:

  • Miracle Mondays in-person prayer for physical healing
  • ConnectUp in-person prayer for inner healing
  • Online prayer request form

If you are able to make it out to our headquarters in Mechanicbsurg, Pennsylvania, USA, you can join in on Miracle Mondays or schedule an inner healing appointment with ConnectUp. If you can't make it out in-person, you can submit a prayer request to our intercession team using the online prayer request form.

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