YPI Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply and prepare for the ministry trip?

Step 1 – complete online application and submit the $350 deposit.
Step 2 – Once your application has been processed we will email you a “Trip Application Received”email. In this email, we will include what documents are missing and general information on how to prepare for the trip.
Step 3 – Once we received and reviewed your references and you have been accepted, we will email you an acceptance package that will include all the information you will need to prepare for the trip. **Please note the acceptance package takes time to prepare and may not be completed until closer to the early bird date.
Step 4 – It is now your responsibility to carefully and thoroughly read through the acceptance package and follow the instructions to prepare for the trip. Information included in the acceptance package is booking flights, obtaining VISAs, travel insurance, vaccinations, etc.
Step 5 – Once again take the time to read through the acceptance package (including all attachments) before calling the office for needed information. We have provided all needed information to prepare for this trip and should be found in the acceptance package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 – What is covered in the cost of the trip?
The trip cost includes round-trip airfare from one of twelve major airports in the US when flights are booked by the early bird date. Also included is your hotel room (based on double occupancy), three meals per day, and all internal transportation.

2 – What is not covered in the cost of the trip?
The trip cost does not include travel cost to and from the hub city airport, travel insurance, personal spending money, the cost of snacks and meals on travel days, gratuities where appropriate (waiters, bus drivers, housekeeping, etc.), passport and visa fees, country exit tax, and immunizations where required.

3 – Does Global Awakening offer a scholarship?
Yes, the maximum scholarship amount is $250. To apply for a scholarship please send an email to missions@globalawakening.com describing why you need the scholarship and what you have done to raise the funds for this trip.

4 – Can I receive donations for this trip?
Yes. Tax deductible donations can be made on your behalf up to the date the trip departs. Any donations exceeding the cost of the trip will be refunded to the team member up to the amount the team member has paid in themselves. Any donations exceeding the team members contributions are required to be placed into the scholarship fund. Donations can be made through our website here: Donate Here or mailed to Global Awakening, Attn: IMT 1451 Clark Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. All donations will go to Global Awakening and are non-refundable. Donations over $50 will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.

5 - If I am a parent can I travel with my child?
Depends. Often times a parent can travel with their child depending on how many team leaders are needed. This will be a case by case scenario. You will be required to be a team leader if you accompany your child. Parents of youth under the age of 14 will be given first consideration to accompany their child.

6 – Do I need training before attending the trip?
No, you will receive training on the trip. Unless you are a team leader and there are 3 ways to receive the training for an IMT Trip.
First Option: You have already attended or will attend a Global Awakening ministry team training or Global Healing School prior to trip departure.
Second Option: Order the following CDs and training manual by calling the Global Awakening Bookstore at (717) 796-9866 or go to www.globalawakeningstore.com for a complete list of material and cost associated.
Third Option: Download the MP3s and order the training manual in PDF format by calling the Global Awakening Bookstore at (717) 796-9866 or online go to www.globalawakeningstore.com for a complete list of material and cost associated.

7 – What safety measures do you take to protect the youth?
Safety is an issue that Global Awakening takes very seriously. We value your trust and aim to protect you. We take intentional measures to keep you safe by:

  • Conducting a mandatory orientation immediately upon entering the country to include guidelines on traveling in groups, being situationally aware and situations that are specific to the location.
  • Extensive US staff, local staff in the country visited and quality leadership accompanies each team.
  • Youth Power Invasion chaperones and leaders are required to undergo a background check and in-depth application process. Curfews are set and enforced and the youth are always in groups of 6-10 with an adult at all times.
  • Global Awakening is aware and current on the political and religious climate in each country.

8 – What are the age limits for YPI?
The age limit is 13-29. Youth must be a minimum of 13 years of age by December 31 of the previous year. Ages 13-14 need to travel with a parent or legal guardian. Ages 15-16 can travel on their own depending on airline restrictions. Ages 16-29 can travel on their own. Please note we have no control over airline restrictions.

9 – Can a child under the age of 16 travel alone?
Depends on the airlines and their policy

10 – Will my child be traveling with an adult?
We cannot guarantee that your child will be traveling with an adult from the US to Brazil. However, often is the case that the child will meet a group of team members at the major hub city airport. Team members will be identified by bracelets or t-shirts.

11 – What if I do not have a team leader?
Upon arriving in Brazil your child will be assigned a team leader.

12 – Are there fees for checked bags?

There have been changes to airline policies and flights. Domestic flights and some international destinations no longer include free checked baggage. If you have a cost for checked baggage you will be responsible for the cost. You will pay for your baggage when you check-in at the airport. Please check with your airline for cost. Also, if you want an advance seat assignment, you will also be responsible for the cost.

13 – What is a TOTO?
A TOTO is a team member who is Traveling On Their Own. Global will allow a team member to fly as a TOTO for the following reasons ONLY:

  1. You are traveling to the host country from outside of the US or from Canada
  2. You have a "Buddy Pass"
  3. You are using Frequent Flyer Miles
  4. You are authorized to use an Airline Employee Discount

If you qualify for one of the above, it will be your responsibility to be at the airport or hotel in the city we are ministering at the time the team is arriving. If you are not at the airport/hotel when the team arrives you will be responsible for connecting with the team and pay all associated costs to do so.

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Youth Power Invasion 2016: Brazil 

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September Brazil 2014

Colombia (2014)

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London (March)

Hong Kong, China & Philippines (Feb)



December Brazil 2013

November Mozambique 2013

October Brazil 2013

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New Zealand 2013

Mozambique May 2013

Honduras 2013

Germany 2013

Sweden/England 2013

Brazil March 2013

Singapore 2013

Taiwan - Cambodia/China 2013



Brazil December 2012

Mozambique November 2012

Brazil October 2012

Brazil September 2012

Youth Power Invasion July 2012

Hong Kong/S. Korea June 2012

Honduras May 2012

Brazil March 2012

Singapore March 2012

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Brazil December 2011

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Russia/Ukraine September 2011

Youth Power Invasion July 2011

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South Korea March 2011

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