Global Awakening has been constructed on a strong foundation of core beliefs and values that we find central to fulfilling the vision and mission given to Randy:

Knowing and depending upon God:

  • The Lord reveals Himself to and through His Church; Christ in us is the hope of glory.


  • This is our essential link in communing with God, the foundational work in global mission and the primary way of knowing how to accomplish His purposes on earth.

Presence of God:

  • Valuing and living in God’s presence and walking in deep intimacy with Him is vital for all ministry. Jesus only spoke what He heard the Father say; He only did what He saw the Father do (John 12:50; 5:19).

Pursuit of God:

  • Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross was more than enough to wash away our sins and give us full access to God. However, we hunger and thirst for more of Christ to be revealed in our lives and ministry for His glory (Ps. 63:1-3).

Relationships based on and built by trust:

  • Our relationship with God will overflow in life and ministry with other believers.


  • Living out the truth of the Word of God humbly and consistently in love, in moral, financial, and relational matters (Eph. 4:15).


  • We are to extend mercy for the physical and spiritual needs of believers and unbelievers alike – for the poor, widows and orphans, etc. (James 1:27).


  • Jesus prayed that we would be one as He is one with the Father (John 17:21-23). The synergy of oneness with Him, His purposes and one another release the greater power of unity: “five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.” (Lev. 26:8). As God’s people, we are to reflect His oneness in life, truth and power.


  • Negotiable doctrines and practices allow the body of Christ to unify under the common banner of Christ's death and resurrection. Our diverse national and ethnic orgins, gift mixes, and worship experiences express His richness and glory.


  • We partner together to uphold values, purpose and mission.


  • Sharing the gospel with others is the intentional overflow of a Christian’s life in God.


  • The purpose of the five-fold ministry is to equip the saints for the work of ministry. We will give away what we have learned. Knowing that all we have is of His grace, we will release ministry through prophecy, laying on of hands, teaching, and training.


Equipment Donation Form

Any donations of equipment and supplies must be in perfect working order.  The donations of equipment and supplies to Global Awakening may be made by filling out the following form:

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Global Awakening Giving Options

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Online Giving
Click here for our Recurring Partner online form
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Maximize Your Giving
Using the EFT method for your giving dramatically reduces the administrative costs to process cash and check contributions.  We are able to process your giving by EFT through your credit or debit card.

Don’t have a credit or debit card? No problem – you can also set up EFT’s through your savings or checking accounts!

To sign-up for an Electric Funds Transfer for your Global Awakening Partnership, please download and return the application form, call Nina at 1-866-292-5364 ext. 121 or sign-up with a debit / credit card online using our recurring form.


Estate Planning
With proper planning, you will be able to minimize taxes and maximize amounts being passed on to your family, loved ones and ministries of choice.


Stocks and Bonds
For example, if you purchased stocked valued at $2,000 over a year ago and it is now worth $5,000, you may transfer (not sell) the stock to the ministry and avoid the capital gains tax on the $3,000 gain. The benefits are huge – not only does it sow into the ministry $5,000 from the initial $2,000 investment, but you reduce your taxable income as well. The actual method of giving stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate will vary depending on the investment held.


Airline Miles
If you are interested in donating airline miles, please call the Global Awakening Partners office and we will put you in touch with a staff member with upcoming travel needs.


Equipment and Supplies
Any donations of equipment and supplies must be in perfect working order.
Click here to fill out an Equipment Donation Form 


More Information
If you would like to talk directly with someone about ways of partnering with us, please contact:
Nina at 1-866-292-5364 Ext. 121


The Power of Partnership

A place of agreement is a place of power; corporate prayers, corporate anointing and prayers flowing together in unison are forces to be reckoned with. It is important to recognize that the concept of partnering is not a man-made idea, but a powerful ordinance of God intended to bring increased favor, blessings and rewards.

Paul told his partners that they were an integral part of his ministry team, brought together by God for a divine purpose to bless and anoint. While you may not be able to go everywhere that Global Awakening goes, you can share in the joy and heavenly reward of changed lives through this ministry. Whether on the front lines of battle or connecting our vision through your partnership, together we share the rewards and blessings.

When someone expresses an interest in sharing Global Awakening’s passion for ministry, it is not only exciting, but also a great honor. The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening is committed to the faithful stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our partners. We seek to conduct our activities with the highest standards and integrity. The supernatural work of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of power evangelism in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our partner base is made up men and women who support the mandate of lighting fires, casting visions and building bridges to the nations by equipping Global Awakening through financial contributions and prayers.