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Homeless Man With Blurred Vision & Neck Pain Healed and Saved!

A homeless guy in a park in Medellin near a statue of the black horse. He had blurry vision.The guy told us that his mother had cursed and disowned him and his brother. His father visited him once a month or so and brought him money and clothes because he hated to see him like this.

He said that his father was some kind of evangelist and that he had been encouraging his son to become a Christian for many years. He wanted prayer for improved vision. One of the translators asked him to try to read the largest text on the volunteers’ ID badges worn by the translators.  He could not read any of the text. Dale placed his hands on the man’s closed eyes. I placed my hands on Dale’s hands and all group members agreed in unity to Dale’s prayer. Then after removing our hands, the guy opened his eyes and was able to read the absolutely tiny text on the ID badge of one of the translators. The text was really super small! What a miracle! The guy was excited and we led him in a prayer of salvation – something that he had resisted doing for many years. 

Later, he told us that he was going to ask us to pray for a neck injury that had occurred when he fell on some steps some time ago. We could visibly see the old scarring from stitches. He said it was so painful to even the slightest touch. He said now it does not hurt at all as he’s jabbing his finger into the scar! This man was so excited that he had felt the healing love of his Heavenly Father. One person stated they saw a complete circle rainbow (open heavens) over us! Go God!

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